Contemplative Wisdom

Thoughts for meditation, contemplation, and reflection Dharma Master Cheng YenFounder of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Published #62 | Fall 2021 Issue SHARE Let us shoulder heavy responsibilities according to the needs of society. Let us harmoniously accomplish good deeds with compassion and inspire action with wisdom. SHARE: There is always more to explore SUBSCRIBE

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Relief Around the World

The “Veggie Kitchen Coming to You” campaign promotes vegetarianism in the United Kingdom. Photo/Suzhen Wang By Diana Chang, Sophie X. Song, Ida Eva Zielinska, Adriana DiBenedetto Published #62 | Fall 2021 Issue SHARE As the COVID-19 pandemic continues through 2021, climate change accelerates at an unprecedented rate, impacting ecosystems and communities around the world. We are seeing this through global floods, wildfires, mudslides, droughts, and other natural disasters. Nevertheless, Tzu

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Compassion at Home

By Sophie X. Song Published #62 | Fall 2021 Issue In July, Tzu Chi Northwest relaunched its free clinic service in Milpitas, CA after its suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo/Christina Chang SHARE Tzu Chi Restarts Free Clinic Services In July 2021, more than a month after California announced its reopening, medical volunteers from Tzu Chi USA’s Northwest Region relaunched their free clinic service at the Tzu Chi Milpitas

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Children of the Earth

Chinese Lyrics & Music: Jia-Shiang Wu Translation: Dharma as Water Team, Tzu Chi USA Illustrations: Martina Lo Published #62 | Fall 2021 Issue SHARE Ho He Ho Ee-Eh-Oh Ho He Ho Ee-EhHo He Ho Ee-Eh-Oh He Ho Ee-Eh-Oh  We all live on the same planet, full of joy and without worries We all live under the same sun, using love to write out our stories  ‘Cause we are all children

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A great lesson to challenge mankind

Translated and Compiled by the Dharma as Water Team Published #62 | Fall 2021 Issue  SHARE By using our time and abilities to benefit all sentient beings, we will find more fulfillment and meaning in life; we will feel happy and blessed. Master Cheng Yen’s Teachings With this pandemic, my mind is full of complex feelings all jumbled together. Every day, I wish for good news, to hear that the

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Student are the Future

Andrea Barrera (second right) joins Tzu Chi volunteers at a 2019 Tzu Chi medical outreach event. Photo/Mark Tsai Future By Sophie X. Song | Translated by Diana ChangEdited by Adriana DiBenedetto Published #62 | Fall 2021 Issue SHARE Tzu Chi USA’s Washington D.C. Region and the YMCA’s Youth and Family Services have nurtured a lasting partnership for many years, aiming to create opportunities for support, success, and empowerment. And in

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Thanking Our Dharma Friends in Prison for a Precious Connection

By Ida Eva Zielinska Published #62 | Fall 2021 Issue  The whole Tzu Chi USA Journal team greatly values the readership of inmates across the United States. Photo/K.C. SHARE Tzu Chi volunteers in the United States are involved in a prison correspondence program, as part of which they exchange letters with inmates nationwide. Concurrently, our friends in prison receive issues of the Tzu Chi USA Journal. If you’re reading this

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Helping Asia in the Fight Against COVID-19

On May 27, 2021, Tzu Chi volunteers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, deliver medical supplies and personal protective equipment via Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan to the military and police force in Khan Pou Senchey. Photo/Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation By Dilber Shatursun Published #62 | Fall 2021 Issue SHARE With the promise of COVID-19 vaccine rollouts and increasing returns to “normalcy,” many of us began 2021 with an air of hope. But

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Ecuadorians for Ecuadorians: A Circle of Care Provides Food During the Pandemic

Ecuadorians for Ecuadorians: A Circle of Care Providers Food During the Pandemic By Ida Eva Zielinska Published #62 | Fall 2021 Issue Volunteers from Portoviejo travel far to bring a food kit to a lonely elderly woman in Junin during the 7th food distribution in February 2021. Photo/Tzu Chi Ecuador Team SHARE For us, it’s something we didn’t expect, being here after five years. I never thought that I would

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Celebrating 20 years of Medical Outreach by Tzu Chi Fresno

By Christina Chang | Translated by Diana Chang | Edited by Ida Eva Zielinska Published #62 | Fall 2021 Issue Tzu Chi Fresno medical team’s outreach in 2021 marks over 20 years of service, providing over a thousand events by Tzu Chi’s mobile clinics traveling to reach those in need of care. Photo/Olivia Chung SHARE You must be God sent!” Ninety-year-old Matilde exclaimed most gratefully to a Tzu Chi volunteer

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