Earthquake Disaster Relief in Haiti: Partners Are Key

Tzu Chi Haiti volunteer Johnson Chang leads the disaster assessment team following the earthquake that struck Haiti on August 14, 2021. Photo/Réginald Louissaint Junior By Ida Eva Zielinska Published #63 | Winter 2021 Issue SHARE The summer of 2021 was a turbu-lent one for the Republic of Haiti. On July 7, Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated, a shock that led the island nation to a state of emergency and

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Those Who Answer Haiti’s Cry for Help

By Ida Eva Zielinska Published #63 | Winter 2021 Issue A Tzu Chi local volunteer assists a mother with an infant by carrying the rice she received at one of Tzu Chi Haiti earthquake disaster relief distributions. Photo/Tzu Chi Haiti Team SHARE What can I do to help all those suffering in my country right now?” That could easily be a question in the mind of someone in Haiti following

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Delivering Relief After Wildfires Emerge in the U.S. West

By Jinbao ZhangEdited by Adriana DiBenedetto Published #63 | Winter 2021 Issue Community members affected by the Caldor Fire in California are touched by the timely care from Tzu Chi, shedding tears in a volunteers’ warm embrace. Photo/Judy Liao SHARE The Dixie Fire brings heartbreaking destruction to Greenville. The road to recovery will be a long and arduous one, yet it is also one aided by sincere love. Photo/C.M. Yung

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Healing After a Catastrophe: Tzu Chi USA’s Hurricane Ida Relief Across the Nation

By Adriana DiBenedetto Published #63 | Winter 2021 Issue On September 1, 2021, the American Red Cross staff arrives at the Tzu Chi USA Southern Region office in Houston to collect emergency relief supplies. Photo/Wendy Tsai SHARE Hurricane Ida made landfall near Louisiana’s Port Fourchon as a Category 4 hurricane on August 29, 2021, sixteen years to the day that Hurricane Katrina crashed ashore, and from there, it set off

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Helping Families Turn Their Lives Around

Multiple wildfires, such as the Dixie Fire whose aftermath is seen here, cause severe financial losses on the U.S. West Coast in 2021. Photo/C.M. Yung By Jennifer ChienTranslated by Sophie X. SongEdited by Ida Eva Zielinska Published #63 | Winter 2021 Issue SHARE People who are usually self-reliant are not accustomed to ask for help like others. When Tzu Chi volunteers help these families, the first thing they must do

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Very Veggie Movement: Upholding a Cycle of Compassion

By Adriana DiBenedetto Published #63 | Winter 2021 Issue Meat alternatives are better than ever thanks to refined technologies. Photo/Vegefarm USA SHARE Perhaps you’ve come across a flyer, a recipe, or even received handmade vegetarian sushi from a Tzu Chi volunteer and heard of the Very Veggie Movement — but what exactly is it? As an initiative of Tzu Chi USA, the concepts behind the movement are indeed inspired by

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Sewing Their Way to a Better Future in Haiti

Seventeen women from severely impoverished families join the Tailoring Vocational Training Program launched by Tzu Chi Haiti on May 14, 2021. Photo/Keziah Jean By Johnson Chang, James Chen, Grace Wong, Ida Eva ZielinskaTranslated by Diana Chang Published #63 | Winter 2021 Issue SHARE The trainees first learn about the structure and functioning of electric sewing machines. Many of them are seeing one for the first time. Photo/Keziah Jeana Decide on

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Contemplative Wisdom

Thoughts for meditation, contemplation, and reflection Dharma Master Cheng YenFounder of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Published #63 | Winter 2021 Issue SHARE Our spiritual training ground is among people;this is where we can diligently cultivate the Four All-Embracing Virtues. With sincerity, we practice giving;we widely open our hearts and embrace the Three Spheres of Emptiness. With kindness, we practice loving speech;we speak good words and give each other blessings.

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Dharma Q&A

DHARMA Q&A Translated by the Dharma as Water Team Published #63 | Winter 2021 Issue SHARE Dharma Master Cheng Yen responds to questions from visitors, volunteers, staff, and disciples. Give Unconditionally, With Gratitude Q: “Why do Tzu Chi volunteers give unconditionally while feeling a sense of gratitude to the recipients?” A: “When we help people in need, we can see with our own eyes the truth of pain and suffering.

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Tzu Chi USA Relief Efforts: Good Deeds Revive and Restart

Chinese Editor: Sophie X. Song | Translator: Sophie X. Song | English Editor: Ida Eva Zielinska Published #63 | Winter 2021 Issue Tzu Chi Vision Mobile Clinic travels to Santa Fe Springs in Southern California on September 15 to diagnose and treat patients with eye ailments and provide prescription glasses. Photo/Shuli Lo SHARE Providing Medical Care As the United States brings the COVID-19 pandemic under control, Tzu Chi USA regional

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