By Ida Eva Zielinska


Dharma Master Cheng Yen responds to questions and comments from visitors, volunteers, staff, and disciples.

Beware the Words of Fortune Tellers

Question: “A fortune teller said that I will not escape from predestined calamities this year. I am so worried and afraid.

Answer: Do not be superstitious and believe in fortune telling. You should be aware that suspicions create imaginary fears. When we transform our hearts as ordinary beings to the heart of the Buddha and cultivate ourselves to be compassionate, then we will be blessed. Once we are blessed, we will be able to eliminate misfortunes.

Good Deeds Dispel Disasters

Question: “A fortune teller told me that I will encounter a predestined calamity this year, and that he can dispel it, but it comes at a price!” 

Answer: One kind deed can dispel a thousand disasters. We create our own karma, so of course it is up to us to change it ourselves. Don’t ever blindly spend money to eliminate misfortunes!  Transgressions originate in our minds, and our minds can also repent of those wrongdoings. If we erase wrongdoings from our minds, those wrongdoings will then cease. Do not try to run away from your problems.

Cultivate Joy, Not Regret

Question: “Sometimes, I come to regret the things I joyfully did in the past. I also like to do good deeds, but I sometimes feel afflicted. I cannot manage my emotions. What should I do?

Answer: “You feel this way because you have not cultivated joy in your heart. You should constantly maintain a heart of joy, and when you are working, you must maintain a grateful mind and view all things with understanding.”

Excerpts from Pure Wisdom by Shih Cheng Yen (Jing Si Publications, 2022).


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