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On October 18, 2015, during the TIMA USA Central Region’s Autumn Clinic
Medical Mission

TIMA USA Central Region

On July 26, 2003, Tzu Chi USA’s Central Region was established, introducing the 14th Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) chapter within the United States. On the day of its founding, Dr. William Keh, then in charge of Tzu Chi USA’s Tzu Chi Medical Foundation, and Dr. Steven Fang, head of the dental department, traveled from Los Angeles specifically to share their invaluable experience in establishing and promoting Tzu Chi USA’s Central Region TIMA chapter.

TIMA New Jersey, medical students and future doctors standing in front of Tzu Chi Mid-Atlantic office building
Medical Mission

TIMA USA Mid-Atlantic Region

Tzu Chi USA’s Mid-Atlantic Region strives to not only heal sickness, but mend the heart while inspiring greater care for all, and empowering future medical professionals as a cornerstone of Tzu Chi’s local medical legacy.

TIMA USA Southern Part 3 – Atlanta

CHAPTER 3 TIMA USA Southern Part 3 Written by Shioubih YangEdited by Chenglin Li Published #71 | Winter 2024 Issue Dr. Raymond C. Ho establishes

Medical Mission

TIMA USA Southern Part 2 – Houston

On March 17, 2002, the Houston chapter of the Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) was established to increase access to medical care locally. This day also marked the 11th anniversary of Tzu Chi USA’s Southern Region. Dr. William Keh, Board Director of the Tzu Chi Medical Foundation at the time, introduced the services TIMA had previously provided at free clinic events in California and discussed the prospects of the medical industry in the United States during the inauguration tea ceremony.

On November 27, 2003, Tzu Chi USA’s Southern Region holds a free community clinic event for the first time in Houston to celebrate Thanksgiving festivities
Medical Mission

TIMA USA Southern Part 1 – Intro

“Shioubih!” Tzu Chi volunteer Mei Yang, accompanied by several other Tzu Chi team members, exclaimed, “You study nursing and are more qualified than anyone else in the center without a medical background to participate in this bone marrow donation camp.” And so, with these brief words of encouragement, Shioubih Yang traveled to Tzu Chi USA’s National Headquarters in San Dimas, California, to participate in the bone marrow donation camp…

Tzu Chi Hawaii volunteers distribute 850 family first-aid kits and 2,000 lbs of medicines
Medical Mission

TIMA USA Pacific Islands

Hawaii is known for its perennial allure, a jewel among global destinations. Here, gentle breezes dance through swaying coconut palms, and pristine waves cradle nesting turtles along the shore. Its vibrant restaurants and bars teem with visitors, creating a lively tapestry of experiences. Bolstered by a thriving tourism industry, the median annual household income surged past $91,000 in 2022, securing Hawaii’s position as one of the nation’s top-earning states. Residents enjoy ample income and comprehensive health coverage, making it one of the healthiest states compared to other places.

TIMA Greater Washington D.C. chapter’s Dr. Hiro Huang and Dr. Joan Huang giving vaccines to the kid.
Medical Mission

TIMA USA Washington D.C.

A group of ethnically diverse but like-minded doctors, dietitians, nurses, and volunteers have always supported Tzu Chi USA Greater Washington D.C. Region’s medical mission. To more effectively implement community care and a sustainable cycle, the doctors reorganized the original medical team into the TIMA Greater Washington D.C. chapter.

Medical Mission

TIMA USA Midwest – Part 2

The Cleveland Service Center was established on June 29, 1997. Due to the area residents’ lack of medical knowledge, the high cost of medical insurance, the need for assistance for the underprivileged and sick, and the presence of many doctors from Taiwan, Tzu Chi volunteer Yahmei Hsieh proposed establishing a medical team. With all the conditions in place, a medical team was formed, with Dr. Ihuei Lin taking the lead and actively participating in community medical services.

Dr. Yung Cheng (middle) and his daughter Cher Cheng (left) participate in a TIMA Chicago community free clinic
Medical Mission

TIMA USA Midwest – Part 1

In TIMA USA Midwest Region’s more than 20 years of free clinic activities, dentist Yung Cheng and his wife, Lipeng Cheng, alongside their son, Michael Cheng, and daughter, Cher Cheng, who are also dentists, have been a constant presence everyone notices. The whole family’s participation in free clinics paints a warm and moving backdrop to the Midwest Region’s free clinic activities.

Medical Mission

TIMA USA Northwest – Part 5

CHAPTER 3 TIMA USA Northwest Part 5 Written by Vivian Chang, Jennifer Chien, Karen Hsiang, Janet Li, Jessie Lin, Renee Liu, Kitty Lu, and Sherry