Relief Around the World

The “Veggie Kitchen Coming to You” campaign promotes vegetarianism in the United Kingdom. Photo/Suzhen Wang

By Diana Chang, Sophie X. Song, Ida Eva Zielinska, Adriana DiBenedetto


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues through 2021, climate change accelerates at an unprecedented rate, impacting ecosystems and communities around the world. We are seeing this through global floods, wildfires, mudslides, droughts, and other natural disasters. Nevertheless, Tzu Chi volunteers around the world mobilized to bring essential supplies to families in need and comfort them with love and care this summer.

Make every second count and move forward step by step; think kind thoughts and do good deeds; practice good teachings and share the joy of Dharma with everyone.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is delivered with love to the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services in Australia. Photo/Yunhua Peng
A cleanup event called “Environmental Protection and Loving Earth” promotes an environmentallyfriendly vegetarian diet in Canada. Photo/Tzu Chi Canada
Tzu Chi volunteers deliver their support for survivors of domestic abuse in Toronto, Canada. Photo/Yuequn Zhen
Tzu Chi volunteers in Taiwan donate PPE to promote wellness amid the pandemic. Photo/Guiqi Zhan
Tzu Chi’s New Zealand chapter holds a relief distribution on July 4 for tornado survivors in Auckland, New Zealand. Photo/Meirui Wu
Tzu Chi volunteers in Mozambique harvest vegetables at the Metuchira DA.AI Farm on July 7 to assist people experiencing food insecurity. Photo/Yuequn Zhen
On April 15, Tzu Chi volunteers in Harare, Zimbabwe collect discarded fruits and vegetables from farmers at the market to make compost. Photo/Hiengisile Jiyane
Tzu Chi volunteers in Johannesburg, South Africa, guide local employees, manufacturers, and non-governmental organizations, to launch a joint relief effort to help neighbors affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo/ Kaifan Cai
On June 26, Tzu Chi volunteers in the Dutch Quarter of Sint Maarten acquire food and supplies for people impacted by the La Soufrière volcano eruption. Photo/Tzu Chi Sint Maarten
Amid the challenges brought forth by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a Tzu Chi volunteer named Zhenxiang Xie and his family organize a distribution of groceries and supplies for the Pozo Colorado neighborhood in Bolivia. Photo/Zhenxiang Xie
On July 27, Tzu Chi volunteers donate care packages to members of the local government in Bangkok, who will help distribute them to residents in need of assistance. Photo/Kela Si
Tzu Chi volunteers collaborate with other charity organizations to promote the wellbeing of foreign workers in Singapore during Hari Raya Haji, or Eid al Adha. Photo/Jianxing Huang

Tzu Chi’s relief in Haiti began over one decade ago, after an earthquake tragically struck the country in 2010. Volunteers sprung to action again when Hurricane Matthew battered the southern coast of Haiti in 2016, and volunteers have regularly reached out in loving aid ever since through distribution events and more.

Tzu Chi volunteers in Haiti launch the Tailoring Vocational Training Program on May 14, 2021, a work-for-relief initiative for women from severely impoverished families. Adcline Domercant, one of the program’s teachers, leads a class. Photo/ Keziah Jean
On August 14th, 2021, a deadly 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti. Mobilizing swiftly, teams of Tzu Chi volunteers in Port-au-Prince began their assessment to ascertain survivors’ needs and what aid may be most effectively delivered. At the Buddhist Tzu Chi Education Foundation, students were determined to add their love as well, and prepared 2,800 handwritten cards adorned with heartfelt messages and drawings. These greeting cards accompanied a delivery of 15,000 first aid kits.


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