Editor's Note

By Anik Ghose


We’d like to wish all our readers a Happy 2022 and welcome to issue 64 of Tzu Chi USA Journal. As the winter begins to wane, it’s an excellent time to take note of the seasons. While the weather they had brought was somewhat predictable in the past, today, we face a different reality as climate change is impacting people around the globe, with the occurrence of natural disasters increasing. Thus, the overall theme of this issue is Environmental Awareness.

Recently, the 26th annual Conference of the Parties (COP26) was held in Glasgow, Scotland, and we’ve chronicled Tzu Chi’s presence at this annual United Nations climate change summit in detail through three articles. To begin, our cover story “Tzu Chi at COP26: Calling for Individual Action on Climate Change” follows the Tzu Chi SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Action Team’s press conferences and activities during their two weeks in Scotland. Tzu Chi’s persistent effort to encourage good global citizenship through lifestyle changes to protect the environment emerges as a central tenet.

Delving deeper into Tzu Chi’s environmental protection strategy, the feature story “Protecting Animals Protects Us All” elaborates on how the promotion of plant-based diets was central to Tzu Chi’s message at COP26 and is continually part of other ongoing programs. To complete our summit coverage, “Reflections on the Global Climate Dialogue” presents insights and commentary from the Tzu Chi SDG Action Team post-COP26.

We then shift focus to the topic of plastic pollution with “What You Need to Know About Plastic Pollution,” an informative piece explaining what plastic pollution is and revealing the grave environmental issues surrounding discarded plastics.

Finally, with our last portrait, “Eleven Things You Can Do to Reduce Plastic Pollution,” you’ll discover how anyone can create change and help battle plastic pollution with a few simple tricks that may just save the world.


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