Editor’s Note

By Anik Ghose


Welcome to the Summer 2023 Issue of the Tzu Chi USA Journal. Our  theme centers around the notion of One World, with stories celebrating collaboration, partnership, and connection in addressing global problems that affect us all on this spinning planet Earth we all call home.

“Tzu Chi on the International Stage: Advocacy and Partnership” reveals how beginning in 2003, recognizing the importance of engaging with international organizations, Tzu Chi started establishing a presence within the United Nations System. As members of the Global Partnership Affairs Department recount, the scope of involvement has flourished since then.

In conjunction with UN affiliations, the Tzu Chi Center for Compassionate Relief in New York City hosted the Water for Healing, Justice, and Action: Building Blocks of a New Resiliency Paradigm event in March. “Celebrating Water and Connection: Tzu Chi Hosts UN 2023 Water Conference Side Event” recaps the program, which “championed the primordial nature of water and why we need to respect and protect it, guaranteeing access to all.”

Environmental protection is just one aspect of Tzu Chi’s agency concerning global issues; helping people seeking refuge in other countries after fleeing their homeland is another. In “An Inside Look at Uprooted: Compassion After Displacement,” we preview an upcoming exhibition coming to the Tzu Chi Center this summer, showcasing Tzu Chi’s dedication to aiding global refugees. 

From a school in Turkey providing education for Syrian refugees to our recent efforts in Poland to support displaced Ukrainians, Tzu Chi pays particular attention to the next generation; helping refugee children heal and preparing them for the future. In that regard, the voice of youth is vital as the world copes with the uncertainties and complexities ahead.

“Seizing the Future Today: Tzu Chi’s Ongoing Environmental Youth Initiatives” illustrates how Tzu Chi youth, whether compassionate students or young professionals inspired to make an impact, tackle the world’s most prominent concerns. Through their annual Community Weekend, where they unite and serve together, Tzu Chi Young Leaders benefit communities and inspire change.

Looking more in-depth, “Commitment Blossoms: One Tzu Chi Youth’s Story” brings a captivating portrait of Ashley Yong, a Tzu Chi youth representative and member of the Global Partnership Affairs Department team. We can see how her dedication to Tzu Chi’s philosophy and missions has brought her to the forefront in the international arena.

All combined, it’s a thought-provoking issue. 


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