Music & Lyrics: Ta Chun Huang, Wei Chao Hsin
Singer: Hsu Wei Chieh
Translation: Dharma as Water Team, Tzu Chi USA
Illustrations: Sae Yokoyama


By my side, I look for happiness
But it’s not something I can chase
By my side, I look for happiness
A friendly, happy, smiling face

Left, right, round and round my house I look
Warm and loving rooms I see
Outside the sun is shining happily
For my friends and family

Now I’ve learned
If desires, hopes and wants are few
Happiness will come to you
Mother Earth she gives so much to share,
If we show her that we care

And if we can all be like family
Happiness will shine everywhere!

With the pandemic being such a prominent part of our lives nowadays, it has been increasingly difficult to find happiness in our daily lives. This song reminds me to take a moment every day to acknowledge and appreciate what is right in front of me. By continuing to create connections with family, friends, and others, I have found little pockets of happiness in my daily life. When creating illustrations for this music video, I thought of the actions that could bring happiness to others. I realized that seemingly simple actions can bring great joy. All of us can be a source of happiness for someone by treating one another with love and compassion. 

Sae Yokoyama

Sae Yokoyama is a Tzu Chi Collegiate Association (Tzu Ching) alumna and Northwest Region Tzu Ching Alumni team member. She works as a neuroscientist technician at UCSF and creates artwork during her free time. She hopes to use her unique skill set as she pursues a career in Clinical Neuropsychology.

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