Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Global Relief Efforts

By Sophie X. Song and Ida Eva Zielinksa



On June 5, Tzu Chi volunteers go to Colegio San Gregorio de la Salle in La Granja to distribute winter supplies, helping 200 disadvantaged households overcome the difficulties in their lives. The volunteers also hold a free eye clinic and provide eye exams and glasses for students from underprivileged families. Photos/Santiago Service Center


On June 16, Tzu Chi holds a ground-breaking ceremony for the ESG Mafambisse Secondary School in Dondo County, Sofala Province. Lourenço Ferreira Bulha, the Governor of Sofala, lays down the first brick on the new school grounds, wishing the project every success. Students perform on stage as part of the festivities. Photos/Jose Jorge

The Philippines

Tzu Chi’s agricultural poverty alleviation program for indigenous tribes in Davao del Norte Province proceeds on June 4. Tzu Chi volunteers and agriculture professionals go to the rural area as they have done monthly to provide guidance on the cultivation of banana seedlings. The children are also thrilled to receive delicious buns from the volunteers on that day. Photos/Matt Serrano


Although the COVID-19 pandemic has shown signs of abating, it still impacts Thailand’s economy and citizens’ livelihood. Tzu Chi volunteers organize emergency relief projects that distribute supplies to those in need, for instance, people who are unemployed or have no income, temporary workers, families with children, and so on. On May 31, volunteers distribute supplies in the Thanyaburi district of Pathum Thani Province, and everyone gives a thumbs up in support. Photos/Su Pinti


Aid distribution is nearly impossible currently in Haiti, as gangs control many areas, including in the capital, Port-au-Prince. However, since people are starving, upon receiving rice from Taiwan, Tzu Chi Haiti distributes 200 tons in the impoverished Cité Soleil and La Saline neighborhoods in July. Photos/Tzu Chi Haiti


Millions of Ukrainians have fled their homeland since the Russian invasion began in February, with many arriving in Poland. In July, Tzu Chi holds 12 aid distributions over four consecutive days for Ukrainians sheltering in Opole. The emergency relief phase concluded at the end of July, after $13,940,542 in gift cards was distributed to 79,479 Ukrainians. Tzu Chi’s aid has now transitioned to mid- to long-term relief. Photos/Shu Wei Chen, Wanzhen Cai


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