The Cycle of Love


May our compassion reach every corner of the world. May it bathe sentient beings in happiness like the soft and gentle touch of moonlight.

There was a famous celebrity, Miss Chen, who was very enthusiastic about public welfare and devoted herself to Tzu Chi volunteer work. She once took a trip to the US to help with fundraising events to raise money for the Project Hope school reconstruction project after the 921 earthquake [a disaster in Taiwan that caused around 2,400 deaths and 10,000 injuries].

The taxi driver taking her to the airport overheard her telling a friend about her trip. He said to her, “You are a Tzu Chi volunteer. Is that why you are making a special trip to the United States? For the sake of the 921 Project Hope?”

Miss Chen replied, “Yes! Our Master has a very heavy burden. Tzu Chi volunteers around the world care very much about this project, so there will be several fundraising dinners in the United States.” The taxi driver then shared, “During the time of the 921 earthquake, it was really touching to see Tzu Chi volunteers who were so dedicated and worked so hard to help the survivors.” 

He continued, “I am so fortunate to give you a ride today. I should also contribute a little bit, but I am only a taxi driver and not financially well off. Because my wife is about to give birth, I happened to spend eight hundred Taiwanese dollars to buy a gold charm as a gift for my newborn son. I want to donate it to Tzu Chi so you can auction it at the fundraising dinners; I want the proceeds to be given to the 921 Project Hope.”

Miss Chen was very moved. She brought this gold charm to the United States, and while hosting a fundraising dinner, she told the guests the taxi driver’s story. Everyone was touched and enthusiastically offered to buy that gold charm. It sold for a thousand US dollars, and another person donated an additional thousand dollars.

The buyer was a Tzu Chi volunteer in the United States. He asked Miss Chen to bring the gold charm back to Taiwan and said, “I was moved by this father. His wife is about to give birth. Please bring this gift back to the original owner.”

From this true touching story, we can see that human nature is full of love. This taxi driver is not well off, but he did his best to spread his love to the United States. His love touched another person, who returned the gift to him. Think about it, isn’t the cycle of love beautiful?

People who live with love are truly the most blessed! There are so many natural disasters and manmade calamities in the world, causing pain and suffering that are beyond words to describe. We also experienced many natural disasters and manmade calamities, but fortunately, we were able to get through them. We should therefore be grateful that we can live in safety and peace.

In addition, if everyone can dedicate their love to people and society, all of the love can be gathered to form immense power. With one common goal, we can unite our strength. It is as I often say, “Many drops of water make a river; many grains of rice make a bushel.” Power can be gathered bit by bit to become immense. In this case, is there anything that cannot be achieved?

Even with a great difficult mission like Project Hope, we should have confidence that we can complete it.


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