A Model Citizen: Ukrainian Fashion Star Evacuates War Zone

Oksana Kononets, Ukraine’s first famed model with a disability, suffered from a near-fatal fall in 2012. Though she was left paralyzed and would be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life, Oksana refused to put her life on pause. The 29-year-old has continually made waves in the fashion industry, breaking stigmas and setting new standards along the way. After safely evacuating Ukraine at the beginning of the war, Oksana is now determined to use her platform to work alongside Tzu Chi in helping other displaced rebuild their lives.

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United in Action: Dialogue at Tzu Chi Center

On a crisp Manhattan morning in March 2022, inside a sleek white five-story building on New York’s Upper East Side, a video production team pointed its cameras at the host of a program about to be launched and started recording.

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Reflections on the Global Climate Dialogue

The Tzu Chi delegation marks their participation at COP26 with a group photo. By Ida Eva ZielinskaPhotos by Tzu Chi SDG Action Team Published #63 | Spring 2022 Issue SHARE We asked the Tzu Chi Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Action Team to share its reflections after participating in COP26, the 26th Conference of the Parties in Glasgow, Scotland. The summit drew together the Parties, signatories of the United Nations Framework

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Eleven Things You Can Do to Reduce Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is a problem that is harming our planet now and will continue to do so for generations. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of fifteen things that can help you slowly, but surely, reduce your dependence on single-use plastics and even pass on plastic. While it won’t eliminate all the plastics in your life, it may help you become more mindful about the role plastic plays in your everyday life. Let’s begin!

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Helping Families Turn Their Lives Around

Multiple wildfires, such as the Dixie Fire whose aftermath is seen here, cause severe financial losses on the U.S. West Coast in 2021. Photo/C.M. Yung By Jennifer ChienTranslated by Sophie X. SongEdited by Ida Eva Zielinska Published #63 | Winter 2021 Issue SHARE People who are usually self-reliant are not accustomed to ask for help like others. When Tzu Chi volunteers help these families, the first thing they must do

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Very Veggie Movement: Upholding a Cycle of Compassion

By Adriana DiBenedetto Published #63 | Winter 2021 Issue Meat alternatives are better than ever thanks to refined technologies. Photo/Vegefarm USA SHARE Perhaps you’ve come across a flyer, a recipe, or even received handmade vegetarian sushi from a Tzu Chi volunteer and heard of the Very Veggie Movement — but what exactly is it? As an initiative of Tzu Chi USA, the concepts behind the movement are indeed inspired by

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Sewing Their Way to a Better Future in Haiti

Seventeen women from severely impoverished families join the Tailoring Vocational Training Program launched by Tzu Chi Haiti on May 14, 2021. Photo/Keziah Jean By Johnson Chang, James Chen, Grace Wong, Ida Eva ZielinskaTranslated by Diana Chang Published #63 | Winter 2021 Issue SHARE The trainees first learn about the structure and functioning of electric sewing machines. Many of them are seeing one for the first time. Photo/Keziah Jeana Decide on

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Very Veggie Movement: A Year In Review

PORTRAIT By Dilber Shatursun Published #61 | Spring 2021 Issue Meat alternatives are better than ever thanks to refined technologies. Photo/Vegefarm USA SHARE Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on email It’s been approximately a year since the launch of the Very Veggie Movement, or VVM. What began as a wake-up call through the emergence of COVID-19 has now turned into a dietary revolution… How It

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Spring Forward To Tzu Chi Connect: The Future of Relief Work

PORTRAIT By Adriana DiBenedetto, Anik Ghose Published #60 | Spring 2021 Issue SHARE Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on email The Power of a Good Deed The story behind Tzu Chi’s bamboo banks is one of profound love given rise to by a moment of heartbreaking tragedy, and has since transformed the suf-fering of countless individuals across the globe. An aboriginal woman suffering from la-bor

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Student are the Future

Andrea Barrera (second right) joins Tzu Chi volunteers at a 2019 Tzu Chi medical outreach event. Photo/Mark Tsai Future By Sophie X. Song | Translated by Diana ChangEdited by Adriana DiBenedetto Published #62 | Fall 2021 Issue SHARE Tzu Chi USA’s Washington D.C. Region and the YMCA’s Youth and Family Services have nurtured a lasting partnership for many years, aiming to create opportunities for support, success, and empowerment. And in

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