Dharma Q&A

Dharma Q&A

Translated by the Dharma as Water Team


Dharma Master Cheng Yen responds to questions from visitors, volunteers, staff, and disciples.

A Direction in Life

Q: “How do I form an aspiration that benefits my career and family?”

A: “Everyone has aspirations, but many people are merely in pursuit of fame, fortune, and status. Such desires can never be satisfied and only lead to a sense of emptiness. If we pursue, instead, a goal of benefiting society, the aspirations we make will truly benefit both others and ourselves.”

Understanding Impermanence

Q: “Since we don’t know if there will be a tomorrow, why do we need to work hard today?”

A: “Our understanding of impermanence should not make us pessimistic, but should rather make us more engaged! Because of the impermanence of life, we must actively seize every moment. We must not create bad karma; instead, we should make good use of our time to earnestly do what we can.”

With a Clear Conscience, We Will Have No Worries

Q: “What can help us to not worry?”

A: “If you have a clear conscience in all things you do, then you will naturally be free from worries!”

Excerpts from Infinite Teachings, Infinite Meanings compiled by Jing Si Editorial Group (Jing Si Publications, 2015). For more information, please visit Jing Si Books & Cafe (directory on page 64) or jingsi.shop

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