Music Corner

With You by My Side

Chinese Lyrics & Music: Patrick Chou
Translation: Dharma as Water Team, Tzu Chi USA
Illustrations: Iris Yeh


While we each come from a different place
And we all are used to different ways
Now the gap between us is erased
For there is a common dream we chase

With you by my side
Giving me a smile to brighten up my days
With you by my side
When I’m sad you give me such a warm embrace
With you by my side
Making all my worries go without a trace
With you by my side
Hand in hand we make this world a better place

“With you by my side, hand in hand we make this world a better place.”

I wrote this song in 2008, four years after I joined the Tzu Chi family. This song captures my mental transformation from a lonely soul to a person filled with joy and love. Through this song, I wished to express my appreciation to all Tzu Chi volunteers.

As individuals, we are different in many ways. But we unite for a common dream: to make this world a better place. Like a family, we share each other’s worries and happiness. A simple smile and a gentle hug from you bring me warmth and courage. If everyone can practice tolerance and forgiveness, there will be no prejudice or hatred. Let us join hands to spread love and compassion around the world! With you by my side, I will never feel alone.

Patrick Chou

Patrick Chou has been a Tzu Chi volunteer since 2004. He has participated in various disaster relief missions in the US, Haiti, Peru, and Mexico. In Haiti, he helped organize many local volunteer projects and initiated a Moringa tree planting project.

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