Editor’s Note

By Anik Ghose


Welcome to the Winter 2022 Issue of the Tzu Chi USA Journal. The theme for the last issue of this year is climate awareness and solutions. 

Our cover story, “Seeking Holistic Solutions During Climate Week NYC 2022,” presents an overview of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation’s first Holistic Climate Solutions Summit, held at the Tzu Chi Center for Compassionate Relief in New York from September 19-25. The gathering offered 22 thought-provoking sessions comprising panels, interactive workshops, and dialogues exploring an alternative future within reach.

During the week-long event, we also discovered how communities and local groups are helping voice the climate crisis and generating interactive solutions. Our feature story, “Using Community to Combat the Climate Crisis: How Tzu Chi Makes a Difference,” reveals how communities and community leaders are combating climate change. 

Tzu Chi addresses the climate crisis in a multifaceted way. At the forefront, we provide disaster relief after the continual onslaught of natural disasters. We also build public awareness about the issue and encourage environmental protection practices, such as saying no to plastics, recycling, and transitioning to an eco-friendly (and compassionate) plant-based diet. 

Publicizing and creating social engagement around these missions and activities is essential to garner support, enhance the educational component, and promote lifestyle changes. One of the most powerful ways we do this is through our digital footprint. The portrait story, “Compassion Inspires Compassion: Tzu Chi USA’s Evolving Digital Presence,” outlines our progressive online growth, from the first website to today’s numerous sites and social media platform pages. 

To conclude the issue, our feature “After Hurricane Ian: A Journey for Relief and Resilience” takes us back to the field, where climate disasters are wreaking havoc, to share an intensive recap of the Hurricane Ian relief mission. Witness how Tzu Chi volunteers brought attentive care, timely and practical emergency aid via cash cards, and supplies including eco-blankets and scarves that carry an environmental protection message in the very fabric they’re made from, created from recycled PET bottles using Tzu Chi’s DA.AI technology.

May this issue inspire your heart and climate action through lifestyle choices and changes.


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