Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Global Relief Efforts

By Scarlett Liu, Sophie Song, Ida Eva Zielinska



On September 18, Santiago Service Center volunteers celebrate Chile’s National Day with the community. To promote vegetarianism and protect the Earth, everyone makes a vegetarian version of traditional Chilean pies as part of the festivities. Photo/Santiago Service Center


Tzu Chi holds a full-day free dental clinic at the Tijuana Service Center on October 8. Local doctors participate in helping treat the dental problems of impoverished care recipients. Photo/Matt Serrano


Volunteers at the Tzu Chi office in the Nhamatanda district of Sofala Province distribute cornmeal on October 6 to alleviate local food shortages. The distribution benefits 1,161 residents, most of them elderly. Photo/Jose Jorge

On October 8, Tzu Chi volunteers visit the impoverished residents of Metuchira Tzu Chi Great Love Village in Sofala Province, bringing sweet potatoes harvested from the Tzu Chi Great Love Farm in Metuchira. Photo/Dario Nhacale


A magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit eastern Taiwan on September 18, damaging many houses. Tzu Chi assists disaster recovery by calling on construction and engineering professionals from across Taiwan to join the volunteer team rebuilding the homes. Photo/Zhang Yangchuan


Tzu Chi volunteers from Poland previously brought washing machines to the Little Prince Children’s Hospice Center in Lublin. On September 17, they return to bring diapers to help keep the sick children clean and comfortable. Photo/Chen Shuwei


On September 8, with the Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival approaching, Tzu Chi volunteers visit the National Borey for Infants and Children in Phnom Penh to bring joy to disabled orphans. They also provide clothing and flour to make moon cakes for the children with the staff. Photo/Huang Shuzhen

With regular distributions, Tzu Chi has been caring for the residents of the Dangkor Landfill in Phnom Penh, who rely on scavenging for their livelihood. On October 8, Tzu Chi volunteers return to hold their fourth annual distribution there. Photo/Huang Shuzhen


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