Dharma Q&A

Translated by the Dharma as Water Team


Dharma Master Cheng Yen responds to questions from visitors, volunteers, staff, and disciples.

Remaining Calm

Question: “How can I cultivate Samadhi, the power to stay calm and focused?”

Answer: “Make mental concentration a habit. Once your mind does not get distracted, you will be in a state of Samadhi.”

Generosity Helps Others and Ourselves

Question: “It’s very hard to make money! It feels foolish to spend the money I earned on other people.”

Answer: “We all depend on each other, so since we take from the world, we should give back to the world. We should sow the seeds of goodness today while we have the ability; by relinquishing one thing we get ten thousand in return.”

One Thousand Eyes, One Thousand Hands

Question: “We often use the phrase ‘one thousand hands and one thousand eyes’ to describe the capabilities of Guanyin Bodhisattva. What is the significance of this?”

Answer: “‘One thousand hands and one thousand eyes’ symbolize perfection. With one thousand eyes, we can see the suffering of all living beings, and with one thousand hands, we can relieve their suffering .”


Excerpts from Jing Si Aphorisms, Volume 2 compiled by Jing Si Editorial Group (Jing Si Publications, 2015). For more information, please visit Jing Si Books & Cafe (directory on Pg. 64) or jingsi.shop.

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