A Pure Land on Earth

Lyrics: Wang Si Xi (lyrics based on Master Cheng Yen’s teachings)
Music: Lee Shou-Chuan and Li Ziheng
Singer: Prajna Murdaya
Translation: Dharma as Water Team, Tzu Chi USA


Sincere faith is our great land,
Love and joy our gentle breeze;
Dharma is our wholesome rain,
Diligence our warming sun

Helping seeds of kindness grow,
We uproot our ignorance
Walking firmly on the path,
We spread love throughout the world

Wisdom and compassion flow,
Nourishing our Bodhi trees
All united with one heart,
Let us form a pure land on Earth


We all have a seed of love in our hearts. However, without the coming together of causes and conditions, this seed of love cannot grow and bear fruit. In nature, for a seed to grow, it requires the land, breeze, water, and sunlight. Much like this seed, for the seeds of love in our hearts to grow, we need to nurture and nourish them with sincere faith, love, joy, Dharma, and diligence. We must be like farmers cultivating the plot of land in our hearts so that these bodhi trees can grow tall. Then, we must spread the seeds throughout the world. When our hearts are united in love, we can create a stream of purity and form a pure land on earth.


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