Editor's Note

By Anik Ghose


As 2021 comes to an end, we welcome our readers to Issue 63 of the Tzu Chi USA Journal, in which we are focusing on stories that celebrate dependability, attentive and appropriate response to needs, and persistence in offering compassionate care. 

We begin our coverage in Haiti, where Tzu Chi’s relief efforts have been present since 2009. Our cover story, “Earthquake Disaster Relief in Haiti: Partners Are Key,” highlights our distributions of food and other essentials immediately after the earthquake on August 14, exhibiting how the Haitian people can confidently depend on Tzu Chi’s continual aid.

Such disaster relief activities are only possible with the dedicated support of Tzu Chi Haiti and local community volunteers. Thus, our first feature story, “Those Who Answer Haiti’s Cry for Help,” sheds light on their commitment and gratitude for being of service to their people, uncovering what drew them to join the Tzu Chi team in their country.

To complete the coverage of Tzu Chi USA’s latest activities in Haiti, our portrait, “Sewing Their Way to a Better Future in Haiti,” reveals that our aid extends beyond disaster relief. This article presents a recent vocational program for underprivileged single mothers that can lead to financial stability.

While Haiti endured a major disaster in 2021, the United States was also ravaged by hurricanes and wildfires at an alarming rate. Issue 63 focuses on Hurricane Ida disaster aid and ongoing wildfire relief on the West Coast.

The feature, “Healing After a Catastrophe: Tzu Chi USA’s Hurricane Ida Relief Across the Nation,” covers the aid offered after Hurricane Ida and its aftermath on the East Coast once it dissipated to an unexpectedly dangerous and damaging tropical storm.

Next, our feature, “Delivering Relief After Wildfires Emerge in the U.S. West,” and portrait, “Helping Families Turn Their Lives Around,” highlight our steadfast commitment to give immediate support after disasters strike, as well as our awareness of the importance of long-term care in some cases.

Finally, our last portrait, “The Very Veggie Movement: Upholding a Cycle of Compassion,” shares the humble beginnings of one of our staple disaster relief items, “Jing Si Instant Rice.”

May this issue inspire you to help those suffering or in need around your home and community.


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