Kind Deeds to Soothe the Pain of 2021

By Jennifer Chien Edited by Ida Eva Zielinska


The COVID-19 pandemic is still rampant, motivating Tzu Chi volunteers worldwide to be more determined to take compassionate steps toward people in need and sow the seeds of hope across this world of suffering through their love and care.


The erection of the main buildings of Instituto Morelos School in Jojutla, Mexico, built with Tzu Chi’s assistance, is finished in early August. Photo/Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation


After Tlayacapan, a city in south-central Mexico, floods due to heavy rain, affecting over 1,600 people and damaging more than 300 buildings, Tzu Chi volunteers set out to conduct a disaster assessment on September 6. They then hand over donated supplies to the local government for proper distribution among flood survivors. Photo/Tzu Chi Mexico Service Center


On September 2, Tzu Chi Argentina volunteers donate 10,000 medical masks, scales, along with sterilization kits, and dental equipment to help Hospital General De Agudos José Maria Penna, which lacks adequate resources. Photo/Guiman Zhong


From early to mid-August, Tzu Chi Ecuador volunteers distribute supplies and food to families affected by the pandemic in Portoviejo, in Manabi Province. Photo/Tzu Chi Ecuador Service Center


On September 23, Tzu Chi Brazil volunteers donate materials to the Associação de Pais e Amigos do Excepcionais (APAE) to help the school, which offers free shelter for people with mental disabilities from impoverished families. Photo/Miyu Zhuang

Dominican Republic

Tzu Chi Dominican Republic volunteers work with Catholic organizations to hold a distribution
in slums near the capital on October 3, providing backpacks and school supplies to impoverished children who returned to school in September. Photo/Guiqi Zhan

United Kingdom

Tzu Chi United Kingdom volunteers set up a “Vegetarian Kitchen” Facebook page to share vegetarian cooking tips and launch “Vegetarian Kitchen to Your Home” to cook and promote vegetarian food directly in people’s homes.
Photo/Suzhen Wang


When the western part of Germany endures continuous heavy rain and severe flooding in mid-July, Tzu Chi volunteers go to the city plaza in Bad Münstereifel to provide 100 to 500 hot vegetarian meals per day for 30 days. Photo/Meifeng Lin


The teachers and students of El Menahil International School in Turkey hold a virtual meeting with Tzu Chi Hualien on September 23. The students enthusiastically respond to the call for “Relief and Love to Prevent the Pandemic Together” and donate to Tzu Chi to purchase COVID-19 vaccines. Photo/Mohammed Nimr Al Jamal


The pandemic in Nepal quickly escalated in May. To alleviate the lack of medical resources, Tzu Chi purchases medical supplies in Mainland China, which arrive in Kathmandu on June 6. A joint donation ceremony with the Ministry of Health of Nepal takes place on October 3.
Photo/Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation


The Indonesian Buddhist Tzu Chi Hospital began the trial operation of a new pandemic prevention center on June 14, 2021. The volunteers hold a party in the hospital lobby to celebrate on September 30. The next day, October 1, the hospital, having prepared for the second phase of operation, would offer outpatient and inpatient services.
Photo/Anand Yahya


The Vietnamese government announced that the nation has entered the “new normal” of coexisting with the COVID-19 virus. On October 7, Tzu Chi volunteers, with the assistance of the Red Cross, bring medical supplies directly to several hospitals in Vietnam to fight the pandemic together with their doctors and nurses. Photo/Tzu Chi Vietnam Service Center


Volunteers from the Fulin Garden Joint Research Office in Johor Bahru, capital of the state of Johor in Malaysia, return with their bamboo banks to count and offer their accumulated donations during the “1013 One Person, One Kindness” event, on October 13. Photo/Baofen Liang


Tzu Chi Thailand volunteers distribute bags filled with necessities to impoverished families in the Wat Udom Rangsi Buddhist temple in the Nong Khaem District of Bangkok on September 22. Photo/Tzu Chi Thailand Team


Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth Association members from the Tzu Chi College of Myanmar visit impoverished elderly residents with limited mobility in Seikkyi Kanaungto Township in Yangon on September 26. They present each senior with about 50 pounds of rice and a quart of cooking oil.
Photo/Mg Myint Thu


On September 19, Tzu Chi Australia Gold Coast volunteers distribute food and other daily necessities at the Ipswich State High school in Ipswich to local low-income families to relieve their financial burden and care for their wellbeing.
Photo/Konglong Lin

New Zealand

Tzu Chi New Zealand hosts the July Auspicious Blessing Service on August 15. Volunteers set an example by keeping a strict vegetarian diet and encouraging relatives and friends in the community to protect lives together by giving up meat. They also encourage the public to join Tzu Chi’s “One Vegetarian Meal a Day” pledge.
Photo/Meirui Wu


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