Spread Love over the Sky and the Sea

Chinese Lyrics & Music: Hong Yu Tong
Translation: Dharma as Water Team, Tzu Chi USA
Illustrations: Lily Kang


More than willing to give all my todays
A great future is more difficult than they say
The beauty on the outside
only shines when love’s within you
Together we pray for brighter days ahead

Blue sky always appears after the storm
The circle of love embraces right and wrong
I have no worries;
all my ups and downs have vanished
I don’t have much,
I hope I can
give you my all

Spread love under the sky,
hand-in-hand we are one Despite the danger,
face the wind and step forward Spread love over the sea,
vowing under the sun
No matter how far we must travel
Our dream stays the same

We’ll continue to go on, till forever


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In this song, one phrase, “A great future is more difficult than they say” especially stands out to me. It moves my heart but also brings me a sense of sadness. Often, in life, we feel inspired to walk on a path that brings us toward “a great future.” However, just as often, our heart wavers and we forget this inspiration. During these moments, I recall Master Cheng Yen’s words: “Once you have found your direction, just continue walking no matter how difficult it is or how long it will take.”

This song reflects the long and difficult journey to relieve suffering in the world. Life is impermanent, and while we might not have much time, we wish to give every day in the effort of helping others.

When I first heard this song in the early 2000s, I thought it was just a song about love over the sea and sky. Now, in 2020, I realize that this song paints the picture of the great love of Dharma Master Cheng Yen and Tzu Chi volunteers. I hope that this song, accompanied by my illustrations, can bring the message of love to people’s hearts and provide spiritual strength.


Lily Kang is a California State University of Long Beach Tzu Ching (Tzu Chi Collegiate Association) alumnus. She is currently an industrial designer and teaches children art during the weekends. In her spare time, she likes to draw and make gifts for her family and friends.

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