Tzu Chi USA Relief Efforts: Good Deeds Revive and Restart

Chinese Editor: Sophie X. Song | Translator: Sophie X. Song | English Editor: Ida Eva Zielinska

Tzu Chi Vision Mobile Clinic travels to Santa Fe Springs in Southern California on September 15 to diagnose and treat patients with eye ailments and provide prescription glasses. Photo/Shuli Lo


Providing Medical Care

As the United States brings the COVID-19 pandemic under control, Tzu Chi USA regional chapter medical teams across the nation have revived their suspended free clinics one after another. The services provided include consultations, vaccinations, and free eyeglasses for disadvantaged groups without medical insurance or access to basic health care.

Jose Campos, who has never been able to afford seeing an ophthalmologist, shows off two pairs of glasses that the Tzu Chi Vision Mobile Clinic prescribed, exclaiming happily: “After 20 years, finally I have prescription eyeglasses!” Photo/Shuli Lo

Tzu Chi Mid-Atlantic Region’s New Jersey office offers free flu shots to the public on October 16. Photo/Birdy Wu

Tzu Chi Medical Foundation holds a medical staff training session on October 9 to help volunteers better understand Tzu Chi’s humanistic medical care philosophy. Photo/Wesley Tsai

Tzu Chi National Headquarters Region’s Las Vegas Service Center holds a tea party on September 12 for Tzu Chi Medical Foundation staff to prepare for upcoming free clinics in the city. Photo/Shuli Lo

Promoting Vegetarianism

Tzu Chi has been promoting vegetarianism for a long time. In addition to the “Very Veggie Movement” launched during the pandemic, several Tzu Chi USA offices have also recently held charity sales of vegetarian food. While promoting the many health and environmental protection benefits of vegetarianism, these events also raised funds for Taiwan, which has experienced a shortage of COVID-19 vaccines.

Linda Wu, a volunteer from Northern California in Tzu Chi USA’s Northwest Region chapter, prepares nearly 200 servings of her special bean curd for charity sale.
Photo/Courtesy of Linda Wu

Volunteers from Tzu Chi USA Northwest Region’s Oakland Service Center sell 4,000 vegetarian rice dumplings in one fell swoop, sending a big batch of love to Taiwan. Photo/Jennifer Thai

As Tzu Chi USA Northwest Region’s San Jose Central Kitchen relaunched recently, volunteers gather to make delicious vegetarian food for their charity sale.
Photo/Judy Liao

Tzu Chi volunteers in Cupertino, California, cook vegetarian “chicken steaks,” which are very popular. Photo/Wen Kung Chu

Although Tzu Chi volunteer Lucinda Huang in San Jose faces the challenges of an illness, she still does her best to raise funds for Taiwan. Photo/Andy Chiang

Youth Doing Their Part

Tzu Chi Youth Association volunteers – also referred to as Tzu Shao – finally restarted in-person activities in the Fall, after only gathering virtually for nearly two years. All the students were full of joy, and they continued to mature as they took part in various community events.

Tzu Chi USA Midwest Region’s Chicago Service Center hosts the President’s Volunteer Service Award ceremony for Tzu Shao students on September 25. Photo/James Chen

Children from the Tzu Chi Great Love Preschool in Chicago also attend the President’s Volunteer Service Award event to applaud the Tzu Shao honored at the ceremony. Photo/James Chen

Tzu Chi USA National Headquarters Region Tzu Shao partake in the hard work and joy of farm labor at the Life Science Farm at Tzu Chi Elementary School in Walnut, California, on October 10. Photo/Lina Lee

Tzu Shao in Chicago remove trash from the streets of Chinatown on October
16, doing their part for the environment. Photo/Tony Cheng

The Tzu Shao students don’t mind kneeling as they work and would not let even the smallest bits of trash go unnoticed. Photo/Huey Shann Sue


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