By Ida Eva Zielinska


Dharma Master Cheng Yen responds to questions and comments from visitors, volunteers, staff, and disciples.

Tears for Others Represent Awakened Love

Question: “Sights of suffering make our hearts ache. Doesn’t this add more afflictions?

Answer: The Buddha still sheds tears upon seeing suffering! However, when we shed tears out of compassion for sentient beings, those are tears of awakened love. If your tears are only for your own desires and worries, those are tears of the delusion of unenlightened beings.

True Love Is Clean and Pure

Question: “What counts as a truly loving heart?” 

Answer: The prerequisite for love is wisdom. True love is untainted and free from desires, and it is clean and pure. To truly love others means to have “unconditional loving-kindness and universal compassion” and to “feel the pain and suffering of others as our own. 

A Soft Touch Is Better Than Force

Question: “When I come across unfair things that make me angry, I am tempted to use force to resolve them?

Answer: This is not right. Forceful or violent means would not truly solve the problem and may even worsen it. A soft touch is enough to resolve the problem!

Excerpts from Pure Wisdom by Shih Cheng Yen (Jing Si Publications, 2022).


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